Sell tickets for your event without
waiting to receive your turnover. Against the lowest rates.

Selling tickets will be done online and on Facebook with our unique Event Branded ticketshop. Including your logo, backgroundphoto and eventually a video trailer. Making the experience complete for the visitor.

Sell quickly

You can set your event easily, after which you can start sales immediately. An order process with less steps ensures a higher conversion.


We offer several statistics and extended reports. Of course you can download the reports including transaction details. All data about your events is yours.

In the Cloud

Our platform is running online completely, you will never need to download or install anything. And because of that, you have 24x7x365 access to all details.


Your data and that of your visitors is saved securely on our state of the art platform. We follow the same rules for our platform as banks have.

Selling tickets 'Offline'

Sell tickets offline via your own selling points and at the door of your event. Easy with SimpleTicket.

Artist and Guestlist integration

Never before the management of your artist- and guestlist was so easy. All digitally in one environment.

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